About Oseva

OSEVA a.s. is a leading Czech seed company producing a wide range of seeds of agricultural crops. Production of maize seed forms a key part of the production program of the company.

About us
OSEVA, a.s. is engaged in production and sale of a wide range of seeds of field crops with the main focus on production and sale of maize seeds. Our range of products includes varieties of spring and winter cereals, spring and winter oil crops, legumes and fodder crops. All seeds produced are processed in in-house processing plants, maize seed is produced in the seed processing plant in Bzenec only. OSEVA trades in seeds of other crops, which does not produce itself like sunflower seeds, grass seeds, oil rape seeds.

Seed production in the manufacturing plant in Bzenec was launched in 1984. Maize seed was grown in this region previously because of the climatic conditions suitable for growing seed maize but after the manufacturing plant was built, final seed treatment was relocated to Bzenec. The manufacturing plant in Bzenec became a part of the OSEVA national corporation. A transformation in 1993 resulted in the establishment of the OSEVA joint-stock company owned by the company management. Besides the manufacturing plant in Bzenec, the company also incorporated the manufacturing plants in Vlkoš, Podivín, and Hodonín and since 2003 also in Stará Ves. Since 2007, OSEVA has been a part of the agrarian group AGROFERT Holding a.s., today the strongest group in Czech agricultural sector.

Maize seed
OSEVA is an exclusive producer and distributor of Czech maize hybrids developed in CEZEA – Šlechtitelská stanice a.s. Our maize range is broadened every year by newly registered hybrids form CEZEA. At present, there are 35 maize hybrids in production, used mainly for silage. Thanks to a long-term program for cultivating silage hybrids, maize hybrids achieve high silage quality, thus fully meeting the demanding requirements for cattle food and ensuring high yield. Simultaneously, a program for cultivating maize for grain production has been developed. Registration of new grain hybrids extended the offer for all forms of use, thus ensuring a complete portfolio of hybrids for all customers. Since 2004 testing and sale of Czech maize seeds has been successfully developing in European countries and in 2013 our maize seeds is sold already in 16 countries of Europe. With the accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union, catalogues of registered varieties were unified, which means that all varieties registered in the Czech Republic are automatically included in the European catalogue of varieties, thus complying with the requirement for sale in all EU countries.

The corporate policy emphasizes high quality of products delivered to our customers. The company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2000, which guarantees compliance with the established manufacturing processes and consequently also compliance with high quality standards. Quality monitoring of the seeds produced begins with field growing and continues throughout the manufacturing process. The in-house laboratory, accredited by UKZUZ (Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture) to issue certificates of recognition valid in the European Union, monitors quality from harvesting to dispatch of the final product to the customer. All maize seeds produced by OSEVA are developed by traditional breeding methods without the use of GMO. CEZEA Šlechtitelská stanice is not running any selection or testing program with application of GMO. All seeds have been produced with all possible measures taken to avoid contamination of GMO.

OSEVA strategy is to make Czech maize seeds available to all customers in Europe. For this reason a representative of our maize hybrids works in each country. Representatives are familiar with the conditions for growing maize in the given country, are able to provide customers with information on maize hybrids and organise field days and demonstration trials, where customers can see maize hybrids growing really in the conditions of certain country or region.

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